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When I asked my family and friends to try Kazu Fermented Food products for the first time, or when I gave them treatments using Altis KZ Essence, they said to me, ‘Thank you.' These were not superficial expressions of thanks, but words expressing a feeling that came from the bottoms of their hearts. I was startled to realize how instantly those words made me feel satisfied and cheered me up.

I do my job to make people happy, but in turn, doing my job gives me energy and joy. I am blessed because I do this work to delight others and hearing them say, 'Thank you,' makes me even more dynamic. This is the source of my energy.

The Wright brothers were galvanized by their passion for flying, Thomas Edison by his inventions, and Henry Ford by the automobile. I, in all modesty, but with equal passion, desire health and beauty for all. I hope to devote my entire life to the delivery of well-being. I will dedicate myself completely to this task and I think I can do it.

Kazumasa Kawasaki
Kazumasa Kawasaki: Biography
Kazumasa Kawasaki started to work in the health and beauty sector when, in 1998, he encountered the beauty serum and health food that would later become the basis for the Altis line of products. Working directly on behalf of people suffering from poor health, psychological problems, or difficult-to-cure diseases, including sometimes for patients who had been given up on by the medical establishment, he ended up establishing the Kawasaki Way, his original beauty method.
As his reputation spread, Kazumasa traveled the length and breadth of Japan and demonstrated the Kawasaki Way to tens of thousands of people who had been introduced or referred to him by family members and friends and he contributed to making their dreams come true.
In 2003, he conveyed his thoughts to Paul J. Meyer, the founder of the Success Motivation® Institute (SMI) and to then Pope John Paul II. The papacy replied to him in an official correspondence.
Kazumasa was invited to Italy by leading personalities of that country in 2004 and he demonstrated the Kawasaki Way to sitting cardinals and other religious dignitaries, business people, and academics in various cities in Italy. He had an audience with Mario Baccini, then Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Italy and later the Minister of Public Administration and Innovations, which was covered by five Italian newspapers. Since then, Kazumasa has applied the Kawasaki Way to a number of public figures, many in Italy but increasingly across the globe.
In March 2008, he participated in an international congress organized in France by Les Nouvelles Esthétiques. In November 2008, he visited Thailand and New York, where he introduced the Kawasaki Way to a number of prominent people and received a very favorable reception. The trip triggered a wave of media coverage in the US, starting with the New York Post, as well as in Japan.
In 2009, he was invited to the US by the couple who were the former owners of Rolex SA and within only three days he had employed the Kawasaki Way on 47 celebrities, including various Hollywood stars who would be making red carpet appearances and American contestants in the Miss Universe contest. The results they experienced and the reputation of the Kawasaki Way were spread further by word of mouth, leading more and more personalities to adopt his unique beauty method.
In 2011, Frédéric Darnet, the general manager of the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, owned by the royal family of Monaco, praised the Kawasaki Way very highly and the spa decided to enter into an official partnership with Altis.
In 2012, the former secretary of the late Grace Kelly and leading private bankers also voiced their ardent support for his beauty method.
Kazumasa’s first book, Naritai Body-ni Naru! Kisekino Kawasaki Method, was published in 2013. He continues to visit various countries regularly and engage in a range of different activities there.
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